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Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing sound in your ears or head when no external sound is present. Most Tinnitus sufferers describe the effects as “ringing in the ears” but it is also described as a buzzing, hissing, whistling, roaring, and even chirping.  The sound, effects, and degree to which Tinnitus affects your daily life is different and unique to each person.

Tinnitus is not a disease or even a condition- Tinnitus is a symptom of a different underlying issue or condition you may have, such as hearing loss, ear infections, or even high blood pressure.

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus cannot be “cured” but it can be treated and the perception of noise can be combatted.  Ascent Audiology is proud to be one of the few in the area to offer advanced treatments for Tinnitus.

Tinnitus Masker

Using the power of Starkey Hearing Technology’s Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, our Tinnitus hearing aids create a customizable and comforting sound stimulus that can be fine-tuned to soothe the unique, irritating sounds a Tinnitus sufferer hears.

Tinnitus Modulation Program

Ascent Audiology & Hearing is proud to also Desyncra, a Tinnitus Modulation Program for patients who suffer from Tinnitus and have normal hearing.

Desyncra is a 36-week Tinnitus therapy delivered using therapeutic tones from an iPod and specialized Desyncra earphones.  This therapy is specifically customized to each patient’s unique needs and symptoms. Your audiologist will work with you to design your Tinnitus therapy throughout the whole process, including periodic adjustments to ensure the Tinnitus therapy remains optimized as you progress.

Desyncra has been applauded for the long-term relief it has been able to provide patients.  It is the ideal option for Tinnitus sufferers with normal hearing, and for those whose Tinnitus has not responded to a Tinnitus Masker.

Learn more about how Desyncra works below:

Ready To Take Control of Your Tinnitus?

The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation with your audiologist, Beth Thomas.  During this consultation, Beth will work with you to determine how a Tinnitus Masker or Desyncra can help deliver you relief from Tinnitus.  Call (734) 274-6552 or schedule your consultation online today.

Learn more about understanding and managing Tinnitus at the American Tinnitus Association’s website.

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Customer Reviews

Dr. Thomas and her staff are awesome! I came in today for a tinnitus exam. They're very nice and helpful. The office environment is up to date and very welcoming. Give them a call if you have concerns about your hearing.

Adrian Baines, on Google

It has been 4 months since I received my hearing aids. They turned out to be a perfect fit and a great improvement to my hearing. It has been a very worthwhile experience with Beth. I would highly recommend her.

Doug Grebner, on Google

Beth has taken great care of me from the hearing test to the hearing aid fitting and beyond (adjustments...)

Amy Thomas, on Google

Extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant. I have been at several Starkey Professionals and she is the best. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a hearing professional.

Nick Richardson, on Google

I have known Beth for many years and she is very knowledgeable, professional and interested in helping people with hearing related issues. Beth is the best audiologist I have worked with and would recommend her to others!

James Helbling, on Google