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I have been using hearing aids for the past 20 + years. I was referred a year ago to Beth Thomas and it has been a great experience. Beth is very knowledgeable and looked at the big picture and was able to provide me with the hearing aids I needed to solve my hearing issues. The other providers I had seen over the years sold me their product which weren't suited to my needs. Beth helped me with the app on my phone to be able to adjust the hearing aids according to the situations I encounter on a daily basis - young children's voices, large crowds and television viewing. I am very happy to receive the continued support from the entire staff!
Pete Smith, on Google+
I recently upgraded to Starkey Livios and couldn't be happier. Beth was extremely helpful with this decision. She is very knowledgeable and guided me through the decision process.
Cort Fergusson, on Google+
I enjoyed the whole process from beginning, through post visits and most of all I love my ability to hear again... The staff is happy and cheerful and the Dr. is detailed, clear and thorough... Thank you
Michael Hobson, on Google+
I have had my hearing tested with Beth and appreciated the knowledge she has and time she took with me. I did not require hearing aids but I have family members and friends that do see Beth. They have received hearing devices from her and they love the support she gives, personal attention and knowledge every time they come in. Beth and Laura will definitely take care of your hearing needs. Braun, on Google+
I have been a patient of Beth Thomas for a couple of years and purchased my hearing aids from her. It has been a great experience for me. Would not go anywhere else. I purchase my batteries from Beth Thomas, ...and one day, Laura said I had not been seen for quite a while .. thus scheduled an appointment with Beth. NO charge.... My hearing loss had deteriorated in the past 2 years,.... but Beth just said that can be fixed... and sure enough... with a few adjustments I am again very happy with the results. I would recommend Beth Thomas if anyone has a question with hearing. Beth is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. I highly recommed Beth Thomas for hearing loss. .
Joyce Bennett, on Google+

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